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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Once again I return to the page full of things to say but not nearly bothered enough to say them haha. It's been by far the most interesting few months of my stay here in Australia. Verily, it was an adventure fraught with peril, danger, and perilous danger. Well maybe I exaggerate. But STILL!

Today marks the first day of Ramadan. For the next 4 weeks or so I will be detailing the trials and tribulations of fasting as the weather heats up here in Sydney. The plan is simple, i've set myself some targets to meet. Some are practical, such as spending less money, others not so, such as improving my hand-eye coordination so I can best Tina at air hockey. I've even got a few comical ones, but let's not go there.

The day was easy enough. I missed getting up early to eat so instead I fixed myself a lovely meal of water. Bad start, but 10am I was already feeling hungry hehe. Fortunately, i'm a seasoned fasting veteran and even though the first day is always the hardest, I got through it easily. What was most difficult was explaining the various deals around the store on a parched throat. To customers enjoying ice cream :P That's the way it goes. Thanks to bad shifts I won't have to deal with it until next Friday. Speaking of which, I find my hours at work dwindling at the moment. I hope it picks up soon.

Anyway, enough hypocrisy, i'm going to bed.
Good night.


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