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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lefty Flip

Ben Elton was good. Ben Elton was very good. He was so good I was worried the stitches on my lip would come undone from too much laughter! More importantly, he also had a good point, which was something neither I nor Tina expected. Speaking of Tina, she looked absolutely stunning that evening and I was hard pressed to pay even the vaunted Ben Elton much attention with her arm resting easy on mine. I could go on and on about it, but I had better not.

Cue obvious topic change!

In other news, the Doctor has pronounced my healing to be on track, and i'm slated to remove my stitches tomorrow. I've gotten my results from the past semesters exams and they were pretty decent. I didn't fail Systems Modelling, which was a relief. I'd hate to have to sit through that class again. I still don't know how my application for a course transfer is going and i'm only going to find out in the morning. That's going to be fun for sure.

Work has also become bareable since I enabled the 'Lefty Flip' option in Guitar Hero. The setting inverts strumming and notation, confusing right-handed people who pick the guitar up to have a bash. Such comic relief during work hours is worth its weight in gold! If it stops people from buying the game? Meh!

And now, we return to our original program.

Tina and myself have been spending a lot of time together lately. While i'm certainly not complaining, I worry sometimes if we're growing to be too dependant on each other for company. Sure, I have work and she has her friends at TAFE, but when I get off and she's done, it's back together we go.

And i'm making that sound like it's a bad thing. Hell no.


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