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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Home is where the roof is

Ah, what a strange fortnight it has been. Well, maybe not strange, but certainly odd. Hmm...not even odd. More like AGGRAVATING. Tina returned from Brisbane early to keep me company over the first few days of my Grandfather's passing and i'm eternally grateful. Since then, she's managed to get several job interviews, and even landed an enviable piece of property at Dulwich Hill. Despite being only 18 her maturity and strength startles me continously. I do what I can to help her but by the looks of it she would be just fine either way. A lot more frazzled maybe, but certainly still fine.

I say aggravating mainly due to the fact that her ex, an obese, grotesque turd (Feel the love. HA!) has been making things difficult for her. This, by extension, means that he is making things difficult for me. At this point, he's already threatened to bash my head in with a blunt wooden instrument (baseball bat, anyone?) on two separate occassions. I'd like to see the little coward try, but i'm also getting tired of looking over my shoulder. Either way i'm pretty sure i'd come out of it the better. I haven't been throwing myself at the punching bags and my sparring partners for no reason.

On a more pleasant note, me and Tina will be celebrating our first month together this Saturday and i'm at a loss as to what we should do. I'll figure it out I guess. These past two weeks represented my first serious experience in cohabitation and after two years of living by myself, I must admit it's a good feeling. Now that she has her own place, mine feels emptier somehow. Still, i'm glad she's found herself a stable base of operations. Unlike my attic studio, her little flat is nicely segmented by walls. While sizewise our places are comparable, it would be nice for me not to sleep in the one room that is simultaneously my bedroom, lounge, study and kitchen.

Ah well, as i've mentioned many times before, beggars can't be choosers.


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