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Monday, July 17, 2006

Guitar Zero

It appears that the little store I call my workplace has become more of a daycare center. I wonder what possesses rational adults to leave their impressionable young in our care (and thus, by extension, in the care of video game consoles) for hours at a time to return later, smile sweetly at us and leave with their spawn. No doubt they believe that we, as the purveyors of distractions, are perfectly capable of educating children through the wonderful use of the Xbox 360 demo unit and Guitar Hero.

Speaking of which, if I hear Smoke On The Water again, i'm liable to smash the guitar controller into the TV and take a piss on it's smoldering, broken form. And smile. In front of the children. There's only so much rock a man can take before it drives him up the wall. As for the parents, I should start charging them if they're going to leave their children behind for more than 5 minutes at a time. I reckon it would make a rather lucrative side business. At least Tina came to rescue me from the drudgery over lunch. That, and Ben Elton's 'The First Casualty' provided me with an avenue with which I could channel my rising boredom into. I've heard a lot about the man behind Blackadder, and i'm pleased to have gotten tickets to see him perform stand up comedy at the Capitol Theater this Thursday night. Then I can see for myself if he's worth all the hype.

Over the past few days i've spent the majority of my spare time with Tina. Last Saturday marked the passing of our first month and there was much celebration. It included a ride on a ferris wheel and some walkie talkies. Beyond that I will say no more. Better to let you scratch your head in wonder. Or not. Suit yourself.

Me? I'm going to sleep and dream about a children free store with absolutely no rock music. Maybe the trick is to go Zen and filter out the rock. Funnily enough, I worry about these kids. Has the World gone so mad that parents are willing to leave their children in the company of total strangers? What could be so important to warrant something like that? Work? GROCERIES!? God knows I would like my brood to be independant but Heaven forbid me from doing what I see happen every day. I don't claim to know anything at all about parenting, but even I know how unsound that method is.

And if I ever need proof I need only look beyond the cashier counter onto the glazed eyes of a primary schooler playing Kameo over and over again.


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