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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Art of War

So, someone has finally decided to put money where his mouth is and made good on all those idle threats he's been giving me. I can't recall the last time i've been struck and looking back now, i'm somewhat disappointed. I think Jack would have done more damage to me if he sat his considerable weight down on me. As it turns out he hits pretty soft for a boy (yes, boy) his size. The meat on his fists probably cushioned the blows. Don't get me wrong, I felt his punches and I have 5 stitches to prove it, but they just didn't hurt. I remember standing right back up after the barrage and giving him a bloody (literally) smile whilst having a good laugh.

After the scuffle, I got myself patched up by a rather a sleepy doctor at the UTS Health and Medical Services. Tina stuck with me throughout and i'm more than grateful for her company. I chose not to retaliate when Jack hit me, but if he laid a finger on her I would have thrown his wobbly body into rush hour traffic. After recieving my stitches, we went back to TAFE to lodge a security complaint. The matter was escalated to the local police and we pretty much spent our day hanging around the station waiting to give statements.

As it stands, right now Jack has been charged with assault and will have to bring his sorry ass to court. Fun. If i'm not mistaken, he'll probably be also be suspended from TAFE (Boo!), or better yet expelled (YAY!). If i'm not mistaken Tina also took out a restraining order on him for ME. Me! I'm not worried for me, I worry for her! Well if Jack has half a brain cell remaining in that vast cavernous and empty expanse I call his brain cavity, he should leave her alone. He's made his moves, he's fought on his terms.

Now I fight on mine.


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