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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wild World

Today i'll be starting my first shift at the Games Wizards. Once the shift is over, i'll probably be learning to play Blackjack with Matt, the ex-manager. That should be interesting. Since New Years I haven't done all that much. I relaxed over the past few days, went kickboxing 3 or 4 times and devoured a book my sister got me for my birthday : Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, by Sue Townsend. I haven't been enjoying myself reading a book since my last Neil Gaiman conquest. Simply put, it was one of the more heartwarming books i've read in a long time. Through the pages I follow the life and times of 35 year old Adrian Mole, chronicling his daily encounters with his parents, fiancee, his long standing love interest Pandora, and an evil flock of Swans. The last AM book i've read was the Diary of Adrian Mole, age 13 3/4. It was good to see how far he has gone in the intervening years. I'll have to source the books i've missed in between the two i've read and find out what has happened in between. Incidentally, the book was such a breath of fresh air that I practically consumed its contents within the space of 24 hours, all 500 pages of it.

I've been content lately, of which I am grateful. My life has fallen into a quaint routine which I find to be very comforting. Looking back I realize that things have been so difficult because I was hoping someone would come to my rescue. I had made no effort to help myself. What a fool i've been.

After a quick visit to EB Games I walked out with a copy of Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS. Surprisingly, i've been finding it a good escape from what's been going on in Sydney. Riots and some major scuffles have broken out between Australians and the Lebanese community here in Sydney, and it isn't looking pretty. To be fair, the Lebanese haven't exactly been making an effort to maintain a good reputation. A good number of their youth seem to be prone to bouts of general nuisance, causing the public to view them as ruffians. From what I see, they're probably right. Still, this is getting out of hand.

I guess I should get some sleep. The sun has been rising earlier of late and seeing as to how my bed is positioned directly under a skylight window, suffice it to say that i've been waking up earlier than I would normally prefer.


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