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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Madness - Just one more

After a sleepless night thanks to nocturnal animal activity on my roof (and in my walls, apparently) I went into my first day of work. On my first day alone I had to point out pricing inconsistencies and the like. I really hope i'm not getting ahead of myself here. Regardless, I left the store with a King Kong promo t-shirt and a God of War poster. I'd say it's a good haul. Speaking of King Kong, i'll probably be watching it tomorrow with Andrew and Tegan from the store. Apparently the movie is over 3 hours long! I can hope that it's not a chore to watch.

Once my first day at work was over and done with, I hurried to Star City to catch up with Matt and 2 of his friends. We had a quick dinner, followed by a night at the casino Blackjack tables. This was my first time gambling and to be honest I can see why people get addicted. After a few rounds a kind of madness takes over, blurring your judgement more than any amount of alcohol ever could. I saw it in Matt, I saw it in his friends, and I saw it in everyone around me. Worse still, I saw it in myself. I managed to win $50 playing/learning Blackjack tonight, and I was tempted to throw it all away to win more. Fortunately since it was my first time, I was apprehensive, and wasn't willing push my luck further. Matt left with about $300 extra, but his friends didn't do so well. There's nothing like the rush of seeing a pile of chips double. There's nothing like seeing it all being taken away. Where do I stand? It will take some doing to get me back in there anytime soon, but I know i'll be back. Sooner or later i'll be tempted to play just one more.


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