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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The final moment

I stayed up most of yesterday night chatting with Nicole, and by the time I got to bed I didn't have too much time to sleep. Still, work today was pretty uneventful and I spent most of the day serving customers and racking up sales. As I was on my way to work, Gayatri called me to apologize and invite me out next week. She's done really well for her semester finals and i'm quite proud of her. We still have to work out the specifics but it will probably involve some food and a movie. I have mixed feelings about it but i'll deal with it later.

After work me and Andrew went to see King Kong as planned, and we were not disappointed. It is quite easily one of the best movies i've seen for a long time. 2005 has been a great year for movies, and King Kong brings it to a satisfying close.
I won't elaborate more, because I don't want to spoil your experience of the movie or lead you on. Watch it and see for yourself.


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