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Thursday, December 08, 2005


So today brings the close of one year in my life and opens the door to another. God willing i'll still be here to write same time next year. Today i've decided to celebrate New Years. I've never put much stock in the 1st of January. As far as i'm concerned, it's just another day in my life. So i've put forward to myself a set of resolutions, a code of conduct of sorts that I hope will ensure that things go differently this time around. Mind you the last year wasn't bad by any means. It simply did not turn out as expected. I don't care to repeat my achievements and misadvetures over the past 365 days. Suffice it to say i've had plenty of both. And i'm sure whether I like it or not there will be much more to come. Sure, many things are left to the whim and fancy of chance, but from now on, i'm going to be the driver, not the passenger. I may not be able to choose my destination, but this time i'm not just along for the ride.

Time to start over. Time to take over.


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