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Monday, November 28, 2005

Step outside myself

It would seem that i've been lax with blogging of late. I really don't have an excuse so i'll have to buck up. Maria left for Germany today, and i'll miss her. Yesterday we went out to have an excellent chocolate mudcake at Badde Manors followed by a good (albeit a little dull at some points) movie called The Constant Gardener. We parted ways soon after the movie ended and right now she's on her 27 hour flight back to Germany. I've had a long day at work and i'm pretty tired. The weather hasn't been all that pleasent over the past few days, with constant rain and low temperatures more reminiscent of winter than summer. It will pass I suppose.

After comparing the prices between a 2Gb thumb drive and a 2Gb Ipod Nano, I might get myself the Ipod as a birthday gift to myself. The prices are virtually identical! If I can get a student discount at the Apple Center on the corner of Broadway it will work out to be cheaper, so why not?

Well look who's come to visit - Lucy the very beautiful and highly distracting cat. I'll have to end this one here to tend to my rather demanding guest.


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