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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Point Break

I had the most interesting morning today. After falling prey to the exhausting effects of my Law exam, I spent the rest of yesterday at work. Having very little to eat and sleep over the past few days I was already nearing the point of exhaustion. Cut to this morning. At 10.30am sharp I wake up to realize that I had slept past the alarm and was an hour late for work. To make matters worse, I was the only one opening the stall today! 45 minutes, a shower, shave, apologetic phone call and a hurried cab ride later, I finally arrived to open the store without incident. I thank the Heavens to have found such an understanding employer.

Still, its incredibly uncharacteristic of me to have slept past my alarm the way I did. I guess I really did need sleep. My reflection yesteday night looked more like Skeletor than it did me. Tonight i'm going to bed much earlier. I already feel sleep weighing heavily on my eyelids.

Exhaustion. Gotta love it when the flesh is weak, no matter how willing the spirit.


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