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Friday, November 04, 2005


It looks like i'm in trouble. Then again, when am I not? I'm sitting here looking at my Law exam and a black hole just opened in the pit of my stomach. You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize that you've got out of the house, locked everything up and forget that you've left your keys inside? That feeling. But worse. Much worse. I can make it through the paper, no doubt about it, but there's very little room for error. Still, it can't be as bad as my upcoming Database exam, which will probably be much worse.

On a different note, Ramadan is over and I can eat 3 square meals a day again. Now would be the time to ask for forgiveness over past grievances. So, dear reader, please accept my heartfelt apology if i've offended you or given you cause to be upset over the past year. Knowing me I probably didn't realize it, which is what makes it worse. It means that i'm bound to repeat the same mistakes next year. In which case I apologize for that in advance. Nothing like covering yourself for future deeds is there?

If only my logic wasn't so tragically flawed.


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