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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


A lady fell today as I was setting up the stall. She was walking across, and suddenly fell. Both me and Anne Lise thought for a second that she would get up, give an embarrased smile and be on her way. Then she started bleeding profusely and we both knew that she wasn't getting up. Anne Lise stayed by the woman while I mad a quick dash to call security. By the time they got there the blood had spread and pooled over her head, and an ambulance was immediately arranged. This was not how I had intended to start my shift.

Paramedics came and administered CPR before a screen was place around the area. Not long after she was taken away and janitor was assigned to mop the blood away. Last I heard her condition has stabilised. I don't understand what happened. She didn't slip, she didn't cry out. She just....crumpled and started bleeding. The unfortunate event threw both me and Anne Lise off, and the day didn't quite proceed as smoothly. It was busy, and we could barely keep up. Chantelle wasn't pleased that the stall looked like a hurricane just blew past but we managed to get everything under control and close down normally.

On another note, I might finally get a long desired job at the Games Wizards, though it would mean abandoning my post at Mabuzi during a time of need. Christmas is around the corner, and business is picking up. I won't hear if I have a shot at the job until tomorrow, but in the unlikely event I actually get it, i'll have to consider if I really want it. Ah well, no point fussing about it now. I'll handle things as they come.


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