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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Door number 2

Well it's official. My semester is over, i'm done with my exams. I should be jumping for joy right about now but I don't feel like it, and rightly so. What next? I'll be working over December and the holidays and that will be a welcome relief from this gaping hole that grows bigger by the day. If I let it go unchecked i'll be consumed as I have been over the past few months. Now that I have time on my hands its time to bring the fight to the foe. First things first. I need to stop blaming myself. I've been connecting the dots in my life so far but I haven't really taken a step back to see how the picture is going. I've also had more second chances than I deserve. It's time to take door number 2. And this time i'll stick to it to the bitter end. And if I need 'inspiration' all I have to do is look back over all my half-assed and unfinished attempts to set things straight. The past is never far away, but I know that's because i've never really done what I needed to do to move on.

Time to say goodbye.


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