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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Under the weather

My head hurts, I can barely keep my eyes open and I feel like i've eaten a bucketload of 2 week old oysters, which is to say, not very good at all. The past couple of days have been fairly easy, fasting wise. My headaches abated by the third day and the only thing that remotely bothers me is the hunger pangs I get an hour or 2 before its time to break fast.

I had finished reading Neverwhere and started devouring a Terry Pratchett book called The Last Continent. I believe I acquired the book by somewhat shady means. Shady being that I picked it up as a souvenir from the Royal, a bar I used stay at. Still, seeing as to how the book (along with a filched copy of Thomas Harris' Silence of the Lambs) was probably left behind by a previous guest, I don't have any qualms about taking it. To further supplement my reading requirements for the month I also bought a few Neil Gaiman books, which I will promptly attack as soon as i've given TP his due.

Most of the afternoon was spent watching (or more accurately, half-dozing) through a Debussy and Ravel orchestra performance at the Opera House. Not to mean any disrespect, but I only got to bed at around 4am earlier today, so I decided to shut my eyes while I appreciated the music. For the most part, it worked. Every note rang clear, every melody and every movement performed with the extraordinary skill and grace one could expect from such a respected orchestra. At some point, I began to drift into a world more abstract, more imaginative and at once I knew that while I could still hear the music perfectly, I was detached, floating in the kind of half-sleep you get while driving on a long road. By the time the performance was over, I felt somewhat refreshed, although I knew that it was no substitute for a proper night's rest. Speaking of which, my bean-bed is starting to look mighty inviting. Given my ailing state, I better not ignore my needs.


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