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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What the Oracle said

Will wonders never cease! Here I am trying to find a job and all of a sudden, the Church of Scientology calls me up to offer me work! At this point, I could spout some old jargle about biting the hand that's feeding me, but I say this now. NOT A CHANCE! Although I must admit at some point I was a little intrigued by the offer, which worries me to no end. After I escaped from the Church, I headed over to Circular Quay to get a reading done at the Argyle Oracle.

Much to my delight, the person available today was Judy, my former mentor at the Oracle. She puts me at ease and it was good to catch up with her as well. Many interesting things were revealed to me today. Some of which took me by surprise, others I have already discerned through my own meditations and readings. It looks like i'll have a pretty interesting few weeks ahead of me. If I don't ditch the Church soon, it will be in more ways than one!

After my session was over, I headed back home to relax and reflect on what had been told to me. A few short hours later, I was on a bus heading back into the city with 2 kids looking over my shoulder helping me with puzzles on Legend of Zelda game I was playing. They're pretty bright, and despite it all, I doubt I would have been able to get through some of those sections with ease. Go go primary school children. Today, I am humbled. Once I got into the city, I made a beeline straight towards the hobby and managed to win a Hecatomb game using an untested deck. Not a bad way to start.

A quick dinner with Alex, and a delivery of noodles later, i'm back at home changing my Blogger birthdate. It appears that I got the month/day numbers mixed up, causing me to be listed as a Leo instead. Thankfully, Robin pointed it out and it's all good now. Now i'm going to catch some Z's. It's been a long, interesting day.

I liked it.


Blogger Wynterfire said...

You're very welcome, by the way. ;)

I'd love to hear more about what the oracle said.

11:36 PM  

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