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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sit (On Bended Knees)

I'm fairly tired so i'll keep this post short. I have just returned from a Boyz II Men concert that I went with my sister and a few other people. It was short, but sweet. The music was loud enough to rattle your innards and while it wasn't a very energetic performance, it was very lively and I enjoyed myself.

I had also finally managed to get a hold of Nintendogs, for the DS and I am now a proud owner of a Shetland Sheepdog by the name of Noodle. That's right, Noodle. Noodle seems to be a bright pooch and although I haven't spent much time with him, he seems to enjoy exploring the confines my virtual house. Currently, Noodle comes when I call, and sits down whenever I tell him to. Not bad.

One thing I missed in favor of the Boyz II Men concert was Absinthe Night that was being hosted by Sydney Uni's Goth society. I wonder how it went.


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