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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Over the past few days my efforts to simplify matters have left me in a withdrawn state, as I systematically shy away from most of the 'extras' in my life. I have thus far been successful at removing the unnecessary bells and whistles I had grown to for granted over the last few years, albeit through a large effort of will.

The most difficult part of the process is restraining myself from finding a replacement 'fix' for all the things I now deny myself. I start fasting in a few days and they way I see it, if I can make it through the fasting month unscathed, i'll be just fine.

This coming Wednesday I hope to get myself a casual postion with Mabuzi Art, a company that operates small booths at shopping centres selling customizing t-shirts. If I can make a successful impression with Chantelle, the lady I will be meeting, I should be able to get myself a modest stream of income. In addition to the obvious benefits of having a flow of income, it will also give me something to do that will take me out of the house. Admittedly I spend most of my time indoors, and having something to pull me out of the room would a welcome change indeed.


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