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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Much ado about nothing

Some wierd, strange and decidedly odd person wrote a very strange, wierd and decidedly odd comment on my last post. Take a look. Darth Vader!? I think whoever it was is taking crazy pills, but that's just me. My clothes are finally dry now, although a lot of my room is still draped with them. I'll clean it up later. Or tomorrow. We'll see.

I had a pretty laidback day. So laidback in fact, that I can't rightly be bothered to write about anything of consequence. Not that i've been writing about anything important over the past few weeks. Just rambling on and on about a situation I put myself in, and now I can't seem to find my way out of. Which makes me it because I really do have problems? Or is it because this state of mental anguish is all i've known for so long that the prospect of getting better would mean that I have to cross unfamiliar territory? If that is the case, i'm worse off than I thought. Not only am I in pain, it would also mean that I like that pain. That can't possible be healthy, but it sure as hell is familiar. Comforting even. Safe. There's an element of certainty in my life. So the question is, do I sink or swim? Do I drown in my sorrow or make thrash about in an attempt to find solid ground? It's like trying to fight against gravity, it always wins in the end.

The answer is clear. Whether I find my salvation or not is irrelevant. Anywhere else is better than here.

I'll take my chances.


Blogger Wynterfire said...

That's the spirit! Forge ahead. Get out of the comfort zone and don't look back. The only way to really find new experiences to live is to do just that. Don't let the water suck you under. Take off a layer or two and swim like hell. You'll find dry land.. or at the very least.. someone with a life preserver that they'll be willing to share with you.

As for your anonymous commentator.. yeah.. definately been popping the crazy pills. :P

11:43 PM  

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