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Monday, August 29, 2005

Round 2

Another auditing session. It's only my second one and i'm annoyed with it already. Dianetic technique hinges on you quite literally living the past. The idea as that the more I confront the past, the less of a hold it has over me. Which is fair enough, until they make you verbally repeat each event 7-8 times until your voice is hoarse with your eyes closed until your auditor seems satisfied that you're well on your way to boredom. Not that I was getting bored, but sitting around with my eyes closed for 3 hours while I ramble isn't really my idea of 'getting things done'. I have 2 more sessions to go, with the next one being slated for Thursday. You can tell that i'm oozing enthusiasm about it.

After my rather contracted session I decided to hit a few nearby hobby stores to see what was interesting. I settled for a game called 'Hecatomb' which involved the end of the world. Sounds like a good enough reason to look into it if you ask me. After my session this Thursday i'll probably go back in there to play a few rounds. I suppose at this point, any activities that involve other people would do me a world of good.

Speaking of other people, I might actually be going out tomorrow with a person i've never met. Whoop dee doo.


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