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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Roll with it

Another day at Uni. Another morning of lethargy. I was pleasantly surprised (and somewhat disappointed) that I awoke from slumber relatively ache free. My toe no longer throbbed, and my fists weren't sore. It wasn't until my classes had started that the aches and pains came in full force. Even then, however, I was mentally prepared for more discomfort than I experienced. And so classes went on with aching shoulders and throbbing fists. I was pleased to share my earlier class (Managing E-Business Processes) with 2 of my friends from previous classes, Chris and Jeff. Both are hardworking, knowledgeable people I am fortunate to be grouped with. Given that it was the first week of classes, the subject ended an hour early. Coupled with the lack of tutorials for the week, it meant I had a 4 hour break between classes. Having nothing better to do, I headed back to the boxing gym to practice.

I practiced my footwork, threw more punches in succession, and added feints the routine. I'm beginning to enjoy the satisfying feel of a solid punch connecting with the bag, or with a forceful kick slamming into the side. Already my punches are slightly more refined, my feet adjusting to roll my body with every punch I throw. I also change stances to use more of my right, weaker hand. I need more practice to be able to use both hands with equal force and efficiency. My footwork needs a lot more work as well, perhaps even more so than my right hand. Still, i'm sure everything will fall into place with time and practice. Lots of both. Even if I never get good at it, i'm grateful to be able to vent my frustrations somewhat.

After an hour or so, I left the gym to spend some time in the nearby Kinokuniya. Unfortunately, both graphic novels I was looking for have not yet arrived. A short enquiry confirmed that it will still be a long wait before they arrive. Oh well, more time for me to save before making the purchases. They're worth the wait anyway.
Once that was settled, I grabbed a Subway and headed back for my next class, which also ended early. Now that i'm back home and sitting still, the workout today is starting to take its toll. I should get some rest if i'm going to wake up early and prepare for my english lesson proposal. And Iaijutsu.

Failing which I can always spend more time at the boxing gym. Come to think of it, I might just go anyway.


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