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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Network Marketing

Seeing as to how my posts are beginning to sound monotonous, i'm simply going to skip over the less remarkable bits like waking up and go straight for the more interesting aspects of my day.

After a quick lunch (a tasty rack of roasted lamb), I met up with Peter at Central Station to go to a company presentation. You see, Peter and I, along with several other people form a relationship marketing team dealing with health and wellness. The company we represent, Usana Health Sciences is second to none in many ways. I had joined the team several months back but thus far have been unable to properly contribute. Now that I have the time on my hands, I fully intend to throw myself into the business and make it work for me.

The presentation refreshed my memory as to what I was doing in the team, and why I joined up to begin with. Maybe with something to preoccupy my thoughts i'll be able to stop this downward spiral on. I certainly hope so. Bad times don't last forever, they're just good at making it feel that long. Damn the choices I made that put me here.


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