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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Make Squillions

Well today was a fairly interesting day. I got up bright and early, cleaned up my room, had a shower then waited for Tara (Moe's mum) to call me for another talk. Unfortunately, the line was very bad and we could only manage a short conversation. After the call ended, I rushed out to Central in order to meet Faye, the person whom I was supposed to hang around with for the morning. As it turns out, she was quite the talkative girl. We hung around for about 2 hours, and then she had to leave so I walked her back to Central station and watched her leave. I didn't give much thought to whether or not i'll see her again. I'll just have to wait and see.

I went home immediately after and played a little WoW before doing more research on my law presentation. In the case of Make Squillions v John, I believe that I have found sufficient precedent with which to acquit the defendant. Whether or not Jim will buy it or not is a different matter, and right now, I don't really care. In the evening, I called Alex out and went back to Tin Soldier (the hobby store), and managed to get responsibility for organizing a Hecatomb "Endbringer" league, which is just a fancy term for a tournament. To start with, I need people to know what its all about first. To that end, i've scheduled a demo with the store workers this Thursday, during games night. It should be fun...I hope.

After the quick store visit me and Alex had dinner at a nearby KFC and now i'm back finishing up my law. I'm considering going to sleep now, or pushing through instead of waking up early in the morning. I'll decide in a little bit.


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