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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Day One

I spent the better part of last night half-lying on a friend's bed at the Royal, watching movies on the screen of a laptop computer in the dark. Both movies were rather bleak, and I watched as a lonely painter slowly spiralled downwards into destruction before watching a young boy walk down a wooded path, desperately trying to recall the story of his family knowing full well that at any moment a bullet would take his life, and he that he would die to show those to around him that there was always a choice that could be made. That there was more to life than hardship, feuds and struggle for land. Things like wonder, joy, books and mermaids. I got home relatively early after that, climbed into bed and fell into dreamless sleep.

I didn't get out of bed until closer to noon as there was no reason to wake earlier. After finalizing my timetable, I had managed to lump all my classes into 2 days, Wednesday and Friday. I'm sure i'll regret the 6 hour no break sessions later, but for the time being it will have to do. After, I had a quiet lunch with my sister and proceeded to Max Brenner's for a drink. Not just any drink. I ordered the 'Hot Chocolate with Magic Crunchy Waffle Balls'. Magic Crunchy Waffle Balls. Despite the name, it was surprisingly good and I suspect that it won't be the last time I would have the drink. Finishing my drink and my book (an excellent title by the name of Smoke And Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman), I walked back up Oxford Street and eventually bought a Longboard to ease transportation as I go about my business.

Not too long after, I found myself sitting comfortably at The Basement with a copy of my next literary conquest, listening to a soul performance whilst sipping a bottle of Crown Lager. It is Morganne's last night, and Maria had arranged to go for the performance. Tomorrow morning, Morganne will be catching a flight to New Zealand, then after a brief stint she will be returning to Canada. I will miss her. After finishing the Lager I ordered a glass of Green Fairy Absinth, and watched in fascination as the barmaid dipped a small spoon of sugar into the drink and set it on fire, stirring the melting sugar into the green liquid. Briging it mixture back to my seat, I proposed a toast with my friends and knocked back the drink. The absinth burned my throat down to my gut and made me feel like I had swallowed bleach, and I loved it.

Now i'm rereading this post, while a documentary of the war against Saddam Hussein play in the backgroud. A part of me wishes that i've written this differently, but it is already written. Going back and rewriting this would not only be time consuming, it would also imply that I regret using the words I had chosen to describe my situation, that I wish my actions in the past was different. And we can't have regret lurking around now can we?


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