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Friday, August 26, 2005


After an standard morning I found myself being led into the bowels of the Church of Scientology to begin my first Dianetics auditing session. No, not accounting auditing. I believe the Dianetics meaning of the word Auditing is derived from Greek, meaning 'to listen'. My auditor was a pleasant elderly lady who wasted no time in illustrating the principles of Dianetics to me, quickly drawing out a 'time track' of my life from conception to present time. After a short discussion, we got into the session proper. I was told to close my eyes, and go back to important instances in my life, describing it as I go along, over and over. The idea was that the negativity associated with those incidents would lose its hold over me, and stop affecting my life in ways I didn't know. In short, Dianetics tells me that i'm not a rag doll. I'm a puppet on a string. Interesting. Tears were shed over the session as I went be to revisit some of the more.....defining moments in my life and while I can't say for sure that it has improved my wellbeing just yet, it has made me realize why I act in certain situations the way I do. I'll have to see what else I can dig up as the sessions continue.

Later in the evening I met up with John and went to the Wine Banq to enjoy a musical performance. It was called Artspank and it was by far one of the best performances i've been to this year. Each act was unique, and extremely talented. The night started with a solo performance, moved onto soul, funk, classical, opera, tango, and even a little electronica thrown in for good measure. It was quite unlike anything I had experienced, and it makes me feel clumsy and untalented in the face of true musicians. It will not be an evening I will forget anytime soon. The best part is that Artspank will be held monthly. I owe it to myself to go. John had a few glasses of red wine, while I enjoyed 2 glasses of Wellington Iced Riesling dessert wine, and a good Mojito. We talked about nothing in particular, both of us intent on enjoying the amazing performance. Now that the night is over i'm back into my own skin, and it isn't all that bad.


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