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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I'm in two minds today. I've been in two minds every day. For the longest time. Some nights I sleep easy, other nights i'm racked with guilt. For what? What is wrong with me? What is holding me back? Why can't I break this vicious cycle? I'm better than this. I'm stronger than this. I hold the key. I know what has to be done. I've climbed mountains, fought against rivers. I am resourceful, I am intelligent, and I am complete. I also make mistakes. It's okay. To err is human. It's okay. Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody's perfect. Especially not me. If there's a way through this i'll find it. I have it in me. People believe in me. I won't let them down.

I won't let me down.

If there ever was a bottom this is it.

There's no place left to go except up.


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