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Sunday, August 07, 2005

200 litres

Today I spent a bit of my time getting reacquainted with World of Warcraft. After I got on, I popped in for a spell to take a proper look around. Though I have been in on and off over the past few days, I decided to get things done this time around. Meeting up briefly with one of my best friends Ken, we stormed an enemy encampment and managed to kill our (or more specifically, my) objective. My connection became unstable soon after and I was forced to disconnect. Once I left, I helped my sister and my brother in law move the queen sized mattress I had given them from my place to theirs. It was no easy task folding a spring mattress in half so we could fit it through my door and down some very steep steps. With some rope and elbow grease, we managed to get it down without too much trouble, at which point my longboard doubled as a cart to wheel the mattress down the street. I'm quite pleased with the practical applications of my longboard, and enjoyed steering the mattress down to its new home.

Once that was settled, I made for city to catch Bewitched with Maria. The movie was fairly standard romantic comedy fare, and despite the fact that it was decidedly average, it had several entertaining moments. Once the movie was over, I walked Maria outside, then went back into the shopping center, headed for K-Mart. There, I picked up a foldable beanbag that doubles up as a lounge seat and a single bed. The beanbag helps to solve sleeping arrangement problems if I have a guest over, seeing as to how the mattress has been removed. It also helps take up some of the empty space I now have. Filling the bag up was no easy task as it would appear that the foam 'bean' packets I had bought were difficult to handle. As a result, I spent a few minutes (aided by my sister and her husband) rounding up stray beans that had fallen out during the loading process. It took an astounding 200 litres worth beans to fill the bag out comfortably, which apparently is the standard amount for most beanbags.

Tomorrow I intend to rearrange my furniture to make better use of the space I now have. At least I can go into the semester with a new room layout. It's a start.


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